3D Printing

We own 5 3D printers, 4 Ultimaker 2Go, 1 Makerbot replicator 5

Print Sizes:

The largest print size we can print to is

250mm x 200mm x 135mm

Printable Files:

All printers require a .stl file to work from – this is a 3D model file, for help building your own 3D model you can attend one of our free introductory classes in 3D modelling.

For up coming 3D printing workshops click here

The 3D printers are standalone machines, the .stl file(s) needs to be loaded onto a memory stick

Usable Materials:

Our 3D printers can only print using PLA and use a single extrusion head.

Filament is priced at 56p per meter.

We have a selection of filament colours on offer.



Machine Hire:

To hire a 3D Printer, you will be required to cover the cost of your filament and will be charged at £7 per hour for hire of the machine.

Contact info@fablabcov.org.uk or 02476220296 to book machine time.

**Please note: Bookings will be cancelled and opened up to other users if you are more than 15minutes late for your appointment and have not informed us of late attendance.

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