Tools Available:

We have a variety of woodworking tools available including:

Table Saw

Planer Thicknesser

Pillar Drill

Band Saw

Various other hand tools


The woodworking area requires a pre booked induction, which will take about 1 and a half hours to complete prior to any work being undertaken – this must be arranged prior to turning up to ensure our Woodworking expert is available to conduct and induction.


Materials you can use on this machine are:



For woodworking only you can source your own materials to suit your needs, we do have  a selection of stock MDF in various thicknesses you can purchase from us.


Machine Hire:

To hire our woodworking machines / tools you will be required to cover the cost of your materials, if purchased from us, and will be charged £25 per hour for hire time – a minimum of £25 charge is applied.


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