CNC Milling

We own 1 CNC milling machine, a Roland SRM-20.


Milling Sizes:

The largest size we can mill to is

200mm x 150mm x 60mm


Milling Files:

The milling machine requires a 3D modelling file to work from, for help building your own 3D model, you can attend one of our free introductory classes in 3D modelling.

For upcoming class details click here


Usable Materials:

Materials you can use for CNC milling are:

Modelling wax






Material is charged by volume in mm²


Machine Hire:

To hire our milling machine you will be required to cover the cost of your material and will be charged at £10 per hour for the hire of the machine – a minimum of £5 charge is applied.

Contact or 02476220296 to book machine time.


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