What is Reman Path Finder project?

Governments are advocating the transition to a more sustainable use of natural resources. Natural resources such as materials and energy are required to produce products. There therefore needs to be practical strategies to handle products, and the resources that comprise them, at the product’s end-of-life. The socalled 6R end-of-life strategies are to do this are to reduce, reuse, recycle, recover, redesign and remanufacture. Remanufacture is the focus of this particular project.

This project is motivation by the fact that Europe only remanufactures 2% of products today and the awareness and knowledge of remanufacturing is low. To make the increase possible requires developing the competences of companies, particularly small-to-medium-sized manufacturing firms.

This lifelong education project Reman Path Finder aims to develop learning material to European industry about the path to remanufacturing. 

The project builds on the results of a previous H2020 project ERN (European Remanufacturing Network). In Reman Path Finder the ERN recommendations are validated and concretized in close collaboration with about 20 companies in different countries into Reman Path Finder learning material for companies. Accordingly, the project aims to develop, pilot and hold educational courses for firms; so called REMAN PATH FINDER. The aim of the REMAN PATH FINDER is for people in the firms to identify their firm’s own competence development paths, and devise innovative business models, which involve the firm remanufacturing products into something new and valuable. This learning material complemented with additional promotional material for industry customers.

We intend to make the education attractive and relevant by enabling people and experts to interact and share experiences as well as using online tools and gamification.

The European Remanufacturing Council is committed to support this initiative. The pilots will be held in five countries (Finland, Germany, UK, Netherlands and France), the lessons learned will be assessed and the courses refined. Then the courses will be repeated. The project will also plan the dissemination channels to make sure that the courses and the material are used after this project is completed.

Reman Path Finder will build on previous projects: H2020 ERN (European Remanufacturing Network) and EIT KIC RM projects RUN and ReUK (Links: ERN: http://www.remanufacturing.eu/)

The project is funded by EIT Raw Material KIC.

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