MiFriendly Start-Ups and Innovative Ideas

“Unlocking skills and ideas from within West Midlands’ communities can benefit everyone. Supporting local and refugee and migrant entrepreneurs has the potential to expand job opportunities and strengthen the economy, and social challenges can be met by nurturing and, funding creative grassroots projects.”

We Will:

Fund and offer mentoring for up to 16 social enterprises, teaching business planning, finance and marketing skills

Inspire people with examples of social inn ovation from around Europe and develop, fund and mentor up to 15 grassroots projects in housing, health care, employment and active citizenship.

Create opportunities to work for one of 3 new social enterprises link to service industries, including food preparation and service, and laundry services.


80k financial investment fund for up to 16 new businesses

90k social innovation scheme to boost the ‘MiFriendliness’ of the West Midlands

1 refugee and migrant recruitment agency to support 3 new businesses.

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