MiFriendly Futures

“We will create a lasting infrastructure which will ultimately contribute to powering the economic success of the West Midlands and enable cultural and social change. The project will look to invest in the future of our region, and inspire cities across Europe to become the MiFriendly Cities of the future.

Community Investment:

3 major investments will ensure that the MiFriendly initiative can continue for years to come:

Renovation of the existing space at Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre to create a new community hub

Investment in woodworking equipment and repair tools for our Pop-Up Furniture Factory to teach DIY skills and provide community homemakers

Two ‘Mobile FabLabs’ to teach digital fabrication techniques in spaces that are accessible for all

Sharing the MiFriendly Knowledge

Our Community Researchers will be working with Coventry University to measure the success of the project and to co-produce innovative solutions to potential problems.

This research will ultimately produce a ‘Guide to creating a MiFriendly City’, so that we can transfer knowledge across Europe.

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