MiFriendly Citizens and Voices

“Knowing about your civic, political and legal rights is a cornerstone for active citizenship, so in keeping with the MiFriendly approach, we want refugees and migrants to feel confident in accessing these rights, represent themselves and feel that they are fully-fledged citizens.”

We Will:

Run a community media lab, providing the skills and platforms for refugees and migrants to use their voices and share their own positive stories

Develop a ‘Know your rights’ initiative to promote rights awareness, working with schools and children’s centres to enable paths to citizenship for young people.

Encourage ‘Healthy Citizens’ and train migrant health champions to inform communities about their local services.

Offer free English language classes and activities with support from student and community volunteers.


100 refugees and migrants trained to tell their stories

6000 public health messages transmitted across the region

500 ESOL classes

115 schools and children’s centres reached.

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