The Level 2 Digital Fabrication course focuses on 2D computer drawings, better known as CAD, but with a twist. The Level 2 starts to take you into another dimension, the third to be precise. Being guided along the way, you will be able to learn how to take that first step to 3D modelling in the easiest form.

Taking you through step by step a series of different activities, you will be guided to create a CAD design in 2D that when it is fabricated and put together it transforms into 3D. Focusing mainly on using the laser cutter, you will get to cut your bespoke design through stronger materials such as laser plywood and acrylic to create a more robust model.

Guiding you through from templates already available to find online to create a basic box to researching designs that create a 3D object other than the basic box to finally creating your own idea. As simple or crazy as you like, your design is yours! You can do what YOU want, – keep it, gift it, use it – whatever you want.

I really enjoyed it. I made a mega, flashy, shiny thing, with LASERS!!!!!

Quote from one of our participants on the pilot course

And now you can too!

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