Chemistry Activities are back at Fab Lab Coventry for ‘Global Science’ Friday 30th June and Saturday 1st July!


The overall aim of this Chemistry Outreach event is to connect children aged 7-11 years and their families to ‘Global Science’ and make them aware of the contribution of global science to everyday life for them and around the world!

What is Global Science?

Global Science is engagement opportunities to raise the awareness and importance of international scientific collaboration to advance knowledge, foster growth and tackle global challenges.


What will you being doing:

In these fun and interactive sessions you will be able to get hands on with:

1. Investigating hydrogels – polymeric smart materials.

Hydrogels are found in many commonly available products, including disposable nappies and cheap hair gel. The practical work is fun to do and the results are sudden and dramatic. We will also show how this relates to current ‘Global Science’ in the use of hydrogels in drugs, preventing floods around the world, and work on stem cells.

2. Explosion of colour! Some very unusual things happen when you mix a little milk, food colouring, and a drop of liquid soap.

Students will design experiments to find out what is causing the explosion of colours. We will use different milk percentages from 0 to 4%.

3. Measure the pH and vitamin C in different fruits from around the world.

We will find out where fruits come from around the world, find out the pH and how much vitamin C is present in each fruit, is the vitamin C content affected from global shipping conditions, as well as the relation between pH and vitamin C.

4. Science quiz with prizes related to scientists around the world and show how science is diverse and multicultural.

5. The properties of water and catalysts.

Understanding the importance of water around the world and its properties.With 70% of our earth being ocean water and 65% of our bodies being water, it is hard to not be aware of how important it is in our lives. There are 3 different forms of water, or H2O: solid (ice), liquid (water), and gas (steam).


When is it?

Running in hourly sessions between:

Friday, 30th June 2017                   1pm-4pm                  Non-Advanced Sessions

Saturday, 1st July 2017                   11am-4pm                 Advanced and Non Advanced Sessions


How to book a space:

For your convenience we offer different ways for you to book your space

Call us: 024 76 220 296


or book via Eventbrite

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