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FabLab Coventry COVID-19 precautions

We take the safety of our FabLab members, students and staff extremely seriously. In line with our co-ordinated and informed approach, we are introducing a range of precautionary measures.

As of Friday 20 March we are:

  • Suspending all face-to-face teaching and temporarily closing Fab Lab and the Eco Furniture Factory down

We have made this difficult decision to, ensure the safety of vulnerable groups, due to low attendance levels and reduced staff availability.

We are seeking to stay in touch with our participants online and are investigating online learning options. We will be in touch with online course availability in the near future and updates on when face to face teaching and general activities will resume, so please keep checking in with us.

You can contact us via email

Visit the Website:

Or our Socials:  @fablabcov on twitter      @fablabcov on Instagram

We will provide regular updates regarding any changes, or new ways you can get involved in our online courses. 

Guidance and information on COVID-19

We are not in a position to offer health advice to individuals. For all personal health and travel guidance relating to the coronavirus, please visit the following sites for up-to-date health advice and guidance:

  • World Health Organisation for answers to the most frequent questions about COVID-19
  • NHS.UK for information about the virus and how to protect yourself
  • GOV.UK for the latest information about the situation in the UK and what to do if you think you’re at risk
  • Public Health England guidance for health professionals and other organisations

Covid 19 advice in 21 languages is available here:

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The Fab Lab Team

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FabLab Coventry COVID-19 precautions
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